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Brown & Company PLC’s plantation support services boast of a rich history as long as Browns itself, since it was established in 1875 by Mr. M. B. Lochore.

As Engineering Consultants for Sri Lanka’s plantation sector, the Browns plantation support services primarily focuses on servicing the needs of the Tea industry. Accordingly, undertakes project-based activities to assist plantation companies to set up new operations or migrate to new technologies.


Orthodox /Orthodox-Rotorvane Machinery

Axial Flow Fans

Axial Flow Withering Fans of all sizes complete with damper & flare and flanges to suit louver box and transition duct flanges coupled with TEFC motors, capable of generating required air volume at specified pressures.


Withering Trough

Withering Troughs of varying size to suit capacity and space of factories, complete with inter connecting ducts, louvres and accessories.

Withered Leaf Cleaner

Reciprocating type Withered Leaf Cleaner made of Steel frame work with a wire mesh tray and is powered by an Electric Motor.



Rotorvanes come in size 8”, 12”, and 15” made of heavy duty stainless steel barrels, EN quality shafting, with Irish end plate or pressure cone and a drive through heavy duty gear box and suitable TEFC Motor.

The machine is skid mounted for easy installation and vibration free operations.

Roll Breakers

Roll Breakers of reciprocating or rotary type with required capacity and size of S.S. meshe to suit the type of manufacture.

Fermenting Machine

Continuous fermenting machines for both, CTC and Orthodox type manufacture with perforated moving belts and versatile capacity and duration on adjustments to suit the manufacturing capacity.


Directional and none directional type of humidifiers for ceiling mounted operation and centralized mist humidification system for the entire rolling room.

ECP Dryers

Conventional ECP Driers of varying capacities with stainless steel perforated trays and high quality hot air blowers suitable for any type of manufacturer with high quality end product.



Cast Iron Air heaters of different sizes to suit the heat requirements of the Drying Chambers with 5 or 7 pass flue gas path for highly efficient heat transfer and durable operation with maximum fuel efficiency.



Any Size of steam or hot water boilers to suit the requirement of the drying chambers with solid or liquid fuel operation.



Vibratory fluid bed driers of different capacities suitable for orthodox and CTC manufacture, complete with Dust Extraction System.


Vibro Screen

Vibro Screens of 5, 6, 7 decks with vibratory motor and discharge chutes, suitable for grading of CTC Teas.


Standard and jumbo size Fibromats to suit the capacities of the factories with black PVC Jumbo rollers, UV lights and dimple tray with discharge chutes.

Trinick Sorters

Standard Trinick sorters with any size of S.S. mesh to suit customer choice.

Michie Sifters

Standard Michie sifter with double trays fitted with desired size of S.S. meshes and steel or wooden frames.

Chotta Sifters

Standard Chotta Sifters with three trays and dust tray with desired mesh sizes, Feed conveyor and discharge chutes, supported on cast Iron or Steel Fabricated frame work with wooden trays.

Myddleton Stalk Extractors

Myddleton type Stalk Extractor with wooden or steel trays of desired perforation to suit the type of manufacture with forged crank shaft complete with drive and base frame.

Suction Winnowers

Steel fabricated frame work with aluminum sheet cladding and discharge chutes complete with standard blower and dust bags or cyclone collector with feed conveyor.

Double Packer

Standard Vibratory packer with steel base plate mounted on heavy duty rubber mounts and vibrated by an eccentric vibratory motor with clamps and adjusting screws.


Gangatharan Kanthasamy

Plantation Engineer
Brown & Company PLC
  • No 34, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • +94 772 283 771
  • +94 112 663 000 Ext: 3126
  • plantation@brownsgroup.com

Mr. Jeremy Rajiah

General Manager
  • No 34, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • +94 772 078 683
  • +94 112 663 000 Ext: 3130
  • jeremy@brownsgroup.com

Kalpani Manathunga

Deputy Plantation Engineer
  • No 34, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • +94 768 370 342
  • +94 112 663 000 Ext: 3131
  • kalpaniM@brownsgroup.com