Exide Maxx MF

Manufactured according to international standards, Exide Maxx MF is a superior product of Browns Exide. A unique feature of this range is that the four models come with a four-year warranty, while none of the other competitors provide similar warranty for this particular battery range. All Exide Maxx MF batteries are specially designed to withstand tropical conditions and to provide maximum Amperage to withstand harsh conditions. Bottom anchoring technology incorporated in this battery range aids in keeping battery plates rigidly fixed inside and provides Hi-Vibration resistant capability to the product. The feature also helps to improve battery lifetime. The cost effective, compact design helps the Exide Maxx MF to be a more economical option in the Sri Lankan automotive battery market. Exide Maxx MF can last long even under harsh tropical conditions since it is manufactured with copper selenium technology. Exide Maxx MF is made available through the island wide Exide battery dealer network.


Exide Maxx MF comes in four models such as 35Ah, 45Ah, 65Ah and 90Ah to match the different types of automobiles including car, van and SUV segments. Product features are as follows:

Model Ah Warranty Retail Price (Rs.)
MF38B20 35Ah *4 Years Warranty *13,450
MF55B24 45Ah *4 Years Warranty *15,500
MFS65 65Ah *4 Years Warranty *20,950
MF105D31 90Ah *4 Years Warranty *25,990
*Conditions Apply / *Discounts Available

Further, Exide Maxx MF is backed by the Browns Battmobile service, which not only provides doorstep Delivery services but can be relied on whenever you experience a sudden battery failure.

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