100 PLUS

The No. 1 isotonic drink in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar - 100PLUS is a beverage popular across Asia and North America as one of the healthiest drinks. Being a low-carbonated isotonic drink enriched with glucose and minerals, it is the ideal beverage to refresh, restore energy and rehydrate the body. 100PLUS is also a caffeine-free healthy solution to revitalize the exhausted human body, because it contains thirst-busting and energy-replenishing ingredients. Lab research has proven that 100PLUS rehydrates 43% better and faster than water.

100PLUS, established initially as a sports drink is now an essential hydrating source for millions every day. It contains electrolytes (minerals) like sodium and potassium which are essential for proper functioning of the body. It also contains carbohydrates, such as glucose and sucrose, that are used up as energy by the body. Drinking 100PLUS, quickly replenishes the water, electrolytes and energy lost in an active day.


100PLUS is introduced to Sri Lanka by Browns Pharmaceutical Limited, a subsidiary of Brown & Company PLC in partnership with Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&N), a global food and beverage conglomerate headquartered in Singapore. 100PLUS is available in four varieties - namely 100PLUS Original, 100PLUS Lemon Lime, 100PLUS Berry and 100PLUS Orange and can be purchased from leading Supermarkets and pharmacies across Sri Lanka.

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